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A Distinct Identity

Here at She Is Healed, we are driven by a single goal; to do our part in making the world a better place for all.

 Our mission is to assist families who experience, or are threatened with domestic violence and to increase the community’s awareness of this pervasive problem.



My name is Felicia Rodrigues and I am a divorced single mother of three children and a domestic violence survivor. I lived in a violent marriage for years. Living with a man like my ex-husband is like having a gun pointed at your head every single day, and you just don’t know when the gun is going to go off.

I am writing to tell my story—of how I have been a victim and survivor of repeated, relentless domestic violence.

On December 29, 2017, my ex-husband tried to kill me in front of my children by choking me until I became unconscious. He crushed the left side of my throat and knocked three of my teeth loose. This all started because I told him that I wanted out of our marriage and I did not want to be with him anymore. Our marriage was rocky for many years because of him cheating with multiple women, being verbally, and mentally abusive to both myself and all three of my children, which two of them are his.

I was always the main bread winner  [READ MORE]...


Our long-term goals are to assist families with becoming independent again by providing resources to permanent housing, counseling, clothing, medical and dental ,and to provide home goods and furniture for families starting over.


"It will be hard, but once you get out, you can live your life freely and get back the control that was once taken away from you."

Domestic Violence Survivor


Would you like to Volunteer? Services needed are donations of food, clothes, bedding, school supplies and partnerships with dental and medical providers. Email us today to let us know how you can partner with us.

Donations are greatly appreciated to help us meet the needs of our families and goals for development of the organization. 

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Core Values

  • We believe healthy families and relationships are the building blocks of an empowered community.

  • We respect and honor each individual’s path, and encourage them to use their strengths in attaining personal empowerment.

  • We embrace diversity and provide culturally responsive services delivered with compassion and respect.

  • We are committed to actions and decisions that secure the well being of each and every individual we serve, our community, and our organization.

  • We embrace interdependency by working collaboratively within our organization and our community.

  • We value our commitment to high standards of honesty, absolute confidentiality, and accountability for our actions and words.

  • We value the history and longevity of our organization and commit to our sustainability and growth through all forms of education, community involvement, and fiscal prudence.

  • Our actions at all times reflect the vision, mission, and values of our organization and strive for measurable results culminating in a healthy environment for all members of our community.

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